5 Ways to Improve Your Personal Accountability

The Bible exhorts us, “Pay careful attention to yourselves ….” We are to consider carefully the direction and management of our lives  We are accountable for our own selves. Taking responsibility for our personal growth, emotions, relationships and decisions is the hallmark of maturity. Yet we struggle seeing ourselves as responsible for our own effectiveness […]

6 Disciplines of the Effective Leader

Leadership is a decision. It is born our of a desire to see something significant happen for, in and through the lives of others. Leadership is not chasing or cherishing a position, but choosing to serve for the good of those you lead. If you choose to lead you can develop the qualities of a […]

3 Keys to Effective Conflict Engagement

Conflict happens. And that’s not bad. Unfortunately, too many people think that if conflict exists than unity and harmony doesn’t. Consequently we become opponents instead of collaborative partners, and progress grinds to a halt. Conflict can be healthy for a relationship, a team, and an organization. The issue is not conflict itself, but what type […]